Our Company

If you are looking for a reliable, credible and willing partner to help you close more deals in commodities, then you need to speak with us at Dencor. Our team only succeeds when you succeed. We have buyers and sellers, including trading platforms as well as end users and suppliers that operate actively within the Agricultural, Energy, Metals and Minerals Industries.

Due Diligence and Integrity are the foundation stones of our business; everything we do is built on those two things. Above all, the two main things we are most proud of, and protect most fiercely, are our panels of buyers and sellers. They choose to work with Dencor because of how we work, our credibility, our patience and our transparency. They appreciate the efforts we go to on their behalf and we never take them, or their business, for granted. 

Dencor’s management and employees are its sole shareholders. This ownership model promotes a long-term outlook and prudent risk management.

We bridge the gap between commodity producers and end-users with a range of services. Take advantage of our vast experience and our professional and reliable approach.  Find out more about our benefits, our philosophy and our team of specialists by getting in touch with us.